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Are you ready to manifest a life full of abundance and empowerment? Hop on a "get to know you" call with me. In this call, we will get to know each other on a deeper level and learn if we are the right fit to create a personalized plan under the Manifestation Vortex program. An individual should have a strong yearning to massively transform their lives into their desired reality. 

Manifestation Coaching


Reiki (RAY-KEE) is a Japanese word which translates to “universal life force energy”. It is a spiritual energy that is a higher vibration than the Ki (or life force energy), in the physical body and auric field. Due to the higher vibration of energy that Reiki transmutes, it helps with breaking through energetic blockages and accelerates healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Reiki energy is spread through a recipient's hands and transferred to another person, through physical touch or holding one’s hands above the body.

During our session, I provide healing to the entire chakra system and/or address any other areas that may need direct attention. Reiki may help aid with an ease of pain or tension, emotional, mental or spiritual growth, strengthen immunity and release toxins, dissolve energetic blockages, improves mood, self esteem, and confidence, decreases stress and anxiety, promotes personal awareness, and fosters in natural self healing. 

I also specialize offering Reiki sessions for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sessions are offered in-person or from a distance via Zoom.

Reiki Healing


As a life long musician, I am passionate about incorporating sound on your individual healing journey. During a sound healing session, I make sure the client is immersed in a comforting environment in order to have a therapeutic or meditative experience. I offer calming therapeutic flute music, tibetan sound bowl frequency healing, drumming, and guitar. These sessions can also include ocean drums and rainsticks, creating a calming atmospheric background. I offer 1:1 sessions, as well as group sessions. 

Sound Healing

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My psychic oracle card readings are readings using oracle cards, where cards are pulled which channel important messages from spirit to help answer questions, concerns, give advice or help guide an individual through a specific situation, life purpose or path. One may use oracle to ask for guidance from spirit through their angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, archangels, or other deities for clarity. Oracle cards differ from tarot, as the messages may not be as “hard hitting”, and it may be easier to digest information through a positive or lighter message. I am an intuitive empath, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant, which allows me to channel deeper messages from spirit. I use a variety of oracle card decks to provide a personalized, detailed reading, which includes deciphering messages and providing advice on moving forward with ease. 

Psychic Readings


I prepare a personalized individual or group healing where I conduct expressive art and ecotherapy activities. This may include creating mandalas with natural materials, therapeutic dance immersions, group meditations to music outdoors, creating art based off of therapeutic sound, and connecting with spirit through in natural areas, utilizing the elements as healing tools. The goal of these sessions is to feel a sense of connectedness to the creative self, interweaving nature’s tools, and enhancing one’s connection to spirit. These sessions may provide clarity, a deepening of oneself and connection to mother earth, the expressive being, and provide guidance on one’s life journey. 

Expressive Arts and Ecotherapy


Burlesque Performances

I have been an avid dancer for 23 years now. I have a background in a variety of styles, including burlesque. I incorporate Indigo Jewels (aka, my burlesque persona), interconnected to my business. I present this character at live shows through burlesque dance performance. I believe movement is a key component of the healing through embodiment. Indigo Jewels seeks to inspire others to express their unique spirits and heal into their most authentic selves through movement. "Embody your exotic goddess". 

If interested in scheduling a session, burlesque performance, or you have any questions, please refer to the Contact header for further information. I look forward to our journey in healing together! 

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