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Testimonials of Services

Manifestation Coaching

Julia brings so much life to her audience. I've read countless books and had my own coach so manifestation is not new to me. Julia's passion made the session so fun to learn and enjoyed it. Very grateful.
My main takeaways were to get specific on what I wanted, feel the feelings that manifestation would bring me, and choosing to take inspired action. It is inspiring to see what you have accomplished with these methods. I really appreciated your advice on stepping back and trusting my intuition when I have a hard time deciding what to do. Thanks Julia! 
Working with Julia is awesome. Highly recommend her services. Being in her presence is healing of itself. I can affirm that hiring Julia is definitely a good idea. She is a safe human to be around and is so loving and so kind. 


I can't imagine anyone better than Julia! I've never had reiki performed on me before so I was a little bit weary at first, however, Julia was extremely patient with me and answered all of my questions. Her energy is so warm and positive, and I highly recommend her to anyone considering getting reiki. 
I had an amazing reiki session with Jewels the other day on the beach. Totally flipped my mood and I've been riding this high for weeks now. Definitely recommend her services. 
My daughter's overall mood has improved dramatically, and she is exhibiting less stress related behaviors. This speaks volumes to me about Julia's gift of healing utilizing reiki. Additionally, I have a dog that has experienced some trauma. Julia has done multiple sessions with him which has helped to reduce his anxiety level. 
I can't say enough good things about my experience. Julia was very informative about her reiki process beforehand and conscientious of where my comfort level was. She is very warm and comforting and can feel it during. I can't think of anyone else I'd recommend!
I had a wonderful experience. She creates a safe and cozy environment! As someone with chronic pain and auto immune disorders I saw a difference after one session! She is an amazing healer and pro at her practice. 
The reiki session I experienced completely balanced my energy body from head to toe and showed me how we should be normally.
I have had reiki from many people some with no impact. Julia impressed me with her asking me questions and preparing me for the experience. It was a short session but I did feel an energy release in that time and felt lighter and clearer after. Julia is a bright spirit and I always enjoy connecting with her our contact leaves me refreshed. 
I had my first ever reiki session with Julia today and it was a wonderful experience! Julia took the time before our session to share her process and made sure I was comfortable. After our session, I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for reiki. 
I will say, this is the most I've ever felt while receiving reiki. At one point it felt like my chest was going to burst with just relief and joy. Then I started to feel so calm and like my body could relax. Like coming out of fight or flight.

Psychic Card Readings

Julia is beautifully grounded and efficient in her approach. She perfectly summarized where I am in my life, without the fluff. She was patient and flexible, leaving plenty of room to ask questions.
The oracle card reading gave me goosebumps. You can feel her leaning into the energy of the cards as different things speak to her from the cards. Her energy is potent as it flows with you and speaks your truth through the cards. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for guidance or reassurance you are honoring your highest self and on the right path.
Julia gave me a wonderful reading that was positive and spot on! Her energy is welcoming and loving, I immediately felt comfortable. She answered all of my questions. I highly recommend her services. 
Julia did an amazing oracle card reading for me. I have so many business related ideas but I feel like I don't know where to start. The reading reassured that I am on the right path. 
This reading had me crying. So so spot on. It touched bases on everything going on right now. Like everything that I "overthink" about too much. 
Julia's readings helps to bring out your hidden light. I was surprised of what came out but it all seemed true in a sense. Like from the future it comes. 

Sound Healing

Julia provided such a beautiful session for me. My body relaxed into a meditative, receptive, peaceful state. All of the instruments were soothing. I felt so grounded and safe in my body, and my nervous system felt calm. I've been healing a lot of trauma the past year. This session helped me make peace with my emotional baseline. This session was perfect, grounded start to my week. I'm feeling amazing after my session. I can't recommend Julia enough! 
I was fortunate enough to take part in one of Julia's sound journeys, and thought is was great. It was so immersive and also unique from other sound baths I've heard before. Overall, Julia has very kind and healing energy. I highly recommend her. 
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